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Service Areas

CDL Utilities specializes in fiber, underground construction, emergency underground damage repairs, and aerial construction and storm damage repairs.

Fiber Optic Splicing / Testing

CDL Utilities’ Fiber division has tenured personnel with decades of experience handling complex fiber challenges. Our fiber team can provide initial design and engineering services and is supported by an all-encompassing construction department capable of completing any underground, aerial, or internal construction task. Our fiber personnel have experience with:

– Single mode and multi-mode fiber

– Loose tube and ribbon splicing

– Any size fiber cable (up to an 864ct)

– Single mode and multi-mode testing

– Troubleshooting and damage/loss detection

Underground Construction

CDL Utilities is dedicated to designing elegant solutions to complex underground challenges. Our operations team focuses on understanding our customer’s underlying problems in order to develop detailed plans ensuring that the project is executed to the highest standards. Although our solutions are underground, we understand how important restoration is to our customers and strive to restore the surrounding landscape to appear as if we were never there. Our decades worth of experience and skilled underground staff allows us to tackle a wide spectrum of underground project. Hover over the projects tab to the left for more information. 

– Residential and commercial fiber optic, electrical, water conduit installation under any type of surface including, but not limited to, grass, concrete, pavers, asphalt

– Fiber optic, coax, electrical cable placement/installation

– Complex crossings such as railroad tracks, county and state roads/highways

– Above and below grade building and manhole penetrations

– Existing conduit and manhole visuals and inspections to include rodding and roping the existing conduits to ensure continuity exists (i.e., the conduit is useable)

Emergency Repairs / Underground Damages

CDL Utilities understands the challenges that arise in emergency situations and has trained and available personnel to respond to such situations. Typically, we see emergencies relating to existing underground utilities (i.e., fiber optic cable, coax cable, water line, sprinkler line, etc.) being damaged. Check out the common damage causes tab to the left for more details.


– Underground construction work for new underground installations

– Surface cutting during sidewalk, driveway, parking lot, roadway repairs or replacements

– New building construction and foundation work



– New shed, deck, pool installations

– Landscaping or tree removal projects

– Walkway or driveway installations or repairs

In all these situations, CDL Utilities responds swiftly to identify the location of the damage, the extent of the damage, and the requirements to correct the damage. We then communicate effectively to our customers to review the options to mitigate the situation and repair the damage.

Aerial Construction / Storm Damage

CDL Utilities specializes in meeting its customer’s aerial needs. We provide high-quality maintenance and new construction services related to fiber and coax. Our highly trained team can handle a wide range of aerial projects from extensive network expansion projects to single or multi-span projects and pole transfers. For a list of services, see the projects tab to the left.

– Aerial cable placement

– Aerial cable wreck-out and removal

– Fiber optic cable and coax splicing

– Aerial cable pole transfers

– Power supply installation and maintenance

We know how important communication services are for businesses and residences, so we also provide rapid response coverage for emergency situations such as storm damage.

We stand by the quality of our work and ensure that our customer’s projects are addressed efficiently and to the highest standards.